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We are experts in creating and promoting Kickstarter and IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaigns. Since 2013 we have raised millions of dollars for our own campaigns, and we currently run multiple businesses that turn over tens of millions of dollars online per year.

We focus on the entire lifecycle of your company, equal parts crowdfunding marketing agency and business accelerator. If you're a serious entrepreneur ready to launch your brand, we can help. 

At Fully Funded We Launch Brands Not Products
— Adam Ackerman, Founder

Get More Backers

Have a Kickstarter or Indiegogo Campaign? Let us deploy the exact same proprietary system we’ve used on our own projects to fund millions of dollars in backer pledges for your idea.


Our story based crowdfunding strategy is unique. It starts with a strong brand story and great storytelling to attract the right audience and carry your crowdfunding success into ecommerce marketing.



The latest news, tips, tricks & strategies from the trenches. Real stories from real crowdfunders and successful campaigns. 




Check out our innovative crowdfunding launch strategy and business accelerator program, and meet our executive team. 


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We can help you get your product in the hands thousands of new customers & your campaign fully funded.