Invention Story

Thank you so very much for allowing us the opportunity to partner with you on your amazing new project.

We are so excited to get started, but before we do we must cover some important points and gather the necessary info to arm our team with the necessary information to develop the best marketing strategy possible.


A few house cleaning items to go over.


If you have not already please remit payment ASAP so that we can get started right away with no delays. We have everything in place to start working on your campaign, but we are on hold until payment has been made.


Thank you for making sure this is done


Now please go through the rest of this document and answer each question to the best of your ability. The more information the better. Each question has a specific purpose as it helps us craft the perfect storyline to connect with our ideal client and convert those potential clients into raving fans and backers. We have done this many many times and have found this approach is most successful 


Marketing Payment

Please pay your initial set up fee ASAP via one of the methods listed below. Bank Name: J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Address: 1000 Irvine Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92660 Account #: 793193173 Beneficiary account name: Fully Funded Essentials, LLC Address: 23 Corporate Plaza Suite 150 Newport Beach Ca 92660 International SWIFT/BIC: (Use for USD payments) International SWIFT/BIC: CHASUS33 (Use for foreign currency payments) Payment can be made by (listed in order of speed and efficiency) : a. COUNTER DEPOSIT (US Resident Only) At a local JP Morgan Chase Bank branch (see you may use the recipient details below), which is your fastest option for sending payment, but it is possible only within the U.S.A. in certain cities . b. WIRE TRANSFER Wire Routing Transit Number: 322271627 c. ACH TRANSFER Account #: 793193173 - ACH Routing Transit Number: 322271627 d. A CASHIER'S CHECK payable to Fully Funded Essentials, LLC and mailed to the following address: Fully Funded, LLC 23 Corporate Plaza Suite 150 Newport Beach Ca 92660 United States of America *If in the US c. COUNTER DEPOSIT at a local JP Morgan Chase Bank Branch (bank details above) is the fastest way to transfer funds.

IMPORTANT: Please send a receipt/ screenshot of your payment to your Client Specialist and to [email protected]

Payment Made On


Payment Made On

Payment Method


Yes I have sent a copy of receipt to [email protected]


Project Media

Dropbox or Google Drive

Please Make a shareable folder using either Dropbox or Google Drive that can be accessed via a link. Please make the folder publicly accessible (not password protected) to EVERYONE who has a link to it. You will Share this link below. Please include:
  • All videos you may have for the project
  • All images you have for the project. This includes site images, social media images, product images, logos, etc. Note: Images with you and the product in them are highly recommended.
  • All content, stories, press releases, etc.

Invention Story

Introduce yourself and your team. Tell us anything notable and interesting, and give examples of any similar work you’ve done.

The more details, the better! What are the features and benefits? What’s really unique and cool about what you created? Help backers get as excited as you are.

A brief overview or step-by-step to help people understand how to use your product.

Share a personal story about facing this problem and why you wanted to solve it.

Share how having this problem made you feel - what was so agitating about it? Why were you frustrated? What were you afraid of happening (or not happening) if you couldn’t find a way to solve it?

Describe the moment you discovered an idea for a solution to the problem. What features did you realize a solution needs to have, that no existing product on the market had already? In what ways do existing products (name the top competitors) fall short?

Describe your niche and target market. Who needs your product, and why? What problems does it solve for them?

Tell us what you’ve accomplished so far, and where you’re at now.

What risks and challenges are you facing in creating, manufacturing, and launching your product? What are you doing to mitigate those risks?

Provide backers with a realistic sense of where the project stands — including what’s been accomplished so far, and what work remains to be done. Lay out a clear, specific timeline for what backers can expect.

Give us a simple breakdown to show you’ve thought things through and have workable plan, so backers can trust you to use funds wisely and deliver rewards as promised.

Tell us why you’re passionate about your project and committed to making it happen.

Please upload or provide URL for any existing images or videos of sketches, samples, manufacturing and prototypes:

Campaign Specific

Facebook Ads

Do you have a Facebook page set up?

Do you have an ad account set up for this page?

Do you have an email list of potential backers?