The First Agency For Crowdfunders By Crowdfunders

When my first Kickstarter campaign took off within a couple days of going live, I imagined every kitchen in America prepping meals with the innovative NASA-Inspired Habitat KNASA Chef Knife I had created.

Composed of patented alloy, developed by Caltech, and tested by NASA, the product was hot. And the market was hot for it.

  Demonstrating the prototype.  

Demonstrating the prototype. 

In fact, we went on to raise over $700,000…completely SMASHING our $20,000 goal.

Now this is where the reality of crowdfunding kicks in.

Despite being a serial entrepreneur who had already sold millions of dollars of my own products, I chose to work with a crowdfunding agency to help navigate the platform and maximize the opportunities available to me.

But that’s not what happened.

Turns out the agency saw us as nothing more than big fat dollar signs, and their tactics and fee structures reflected that.

Thanks to my marketing savvy, I set up a winning campaign. They recognized this when they decided to take us on. In essence, all they did was drive traffic…

They didn’t care about the goals I was fundraising for. They never asked what I wanted to accomplish before or after the campaign. They didn’t ask about my vision for the company, or even about the story behind the product (shocking as the story is a MAJOR reason people get excited about backing a campaign).

For them, it was all about the transaction.

And that transaction turned out to be damn near predatory in structure.

You see, they took their cut off gross, not taking into account the 9% of fees that go to Kickstarter, credit card processing, pledges that didn’t go through… all money that I never saw, yet the agency took a percentage on.

They took their cut and I never heard from them again. They made about $150,000 off my campaign. After all the fees involved, they made more than I did...


After the campaign, I was approached dozens of times by other brands who wanted me to help them smash their crowdfunding goals like I did.

Because I love helping and working with entrepreneurs and product creators, and hated how the agency I had worked with operated….

Fully Funded was born. 

I decided it was time to be the change I wanted to see. That’s a lot of changes.

There are already many companies out there who do crowdfunding marketing. So I focused in on the one thing every other agency is neglecting…

The one thing that makes the biggest difference in the success of a new brand or product…

As a business owner I understand the importance of momentum and how hard it is to get.

Once you have it you need to ride it and grow it.

All the other agencies just stop when the campaign is over with… NOT US. With us, funding your campaign is just the beginning.

We immediately put a plan of action into place to drive additional sales and grow the brand both online and off, to capitalize on your crowdfunding success.

Sounds good right?

Let me tell you a little more about myself…

I started in 2013 selling baby wipes on The first 5 products I launched I lost my shirt on, but I saw so many other people doing well that I was determined to make it too.

There were struggles along the way, and it is through those struggles I developed my expertise.

My wife and I took many risks, and failed many times, to earn what we have now. I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying and sacrificing time with family and friends to become the best.

In late 2013, I started selling private labeled product under my own brand name, and things started to really take off. Since then I have personally gone on to sell millions of dollars worth of goods online.

I have traveled the world working with manufacturers, partners, brands and selling platforms.
I have dedicated my professional career to becoming an expert at ecommerce and driving sales through strategic marketing tactics.

The first month I did $750,000 in sales with just one of my brands, I was like, okay, I got this now – this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

You see, I love nothing more than to come up with cool ideas and make them succeed.

I believe innovation is what shapes our future. Many products on crowdfunding sites are designed to do just that…. improve life in some way.

I support that notion and want to be apart of it as much as I can.

Now, for the first time ever, my world class team and I are utilizing our skills and experience to work with select new brands and help them succeed.

Welcome to Fully Funded. 

Adam Ackerman