Video & Page Design

The #1 Factor That Will Make Or Break

Your Crowdfunding Campaign

  Get more backers with viral video

Get more backers with viral video

Storytelling & Video Creation

Did you know that the way your product is presented can be the difference between a $10,000 campaign and a $1,000,000 campaign?

Our award winning creative team creates visually and emotionally compelling video and product pages with viral potential to help trigger the popularity algorithm and blast through your funding goals fast. 

Tell The Story To Sell The Product 

We've cracked the code and developed an innovative storytelling strategy with proven results, incorporating:  

  • Buyer psychology
  • The right calls to action
  • High-quality filmography
  • Pitch-perfect studio sound
  • Congruent messaging
  • A story that resonates
  • Virality, and more...
  We take care of the hard work for you

We take care of the hard work for you

Our Creative Services



Storytelling is the secret to generating excitement and building a passionate following for your project. A well-developed story can be the difference between a mediocre campaign and a campaign that brings in millions of dollars.
We start with your brand story playbook, interpreting the archetypal, demographic and psychographic elements of your brand and target audience, applying creative elements to facilitate emotional engagement that is relevant and powerful. 
Whether you need a video script from one of our award winning screenwriters or a critique on a current video, our 13-point story blueprint will increase the viral potential of your campaign assets.


Page Design

Now that we have the brand story crafted and the video done, we focus on the message to market match on your product page. Backers need to know not only who you are and what you’re doing, but what they get out of it. 
We help you craft a core story for your campaign video, product page copy, and strategic social media posting to drive both paid and organic traffic. 
With our innovative storytelling strategy, we integrate key words, phrases, and concepts for consistent messaging across all channels. Our powerfully written and beautifully designed product pages are optimized to do one thing- get you more backers.